Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Which Food to Avoid To Not Suffer from Diabetes?

Which Food to Avoid To Not Suffer from Diabetes?

Today an increasing number of people suffering from Diabetes, often by a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight or obese and other times a factor of genetics but because they have not known how to prevent it.

In this article you will see what foods you should avoid, lest you suffer from Diabetes, pay close attention because it really is very important:

The American Diabetes Association recommends on its website to follow the diabetic food pyramid divides food into six groups. The first is the largest and consists of breads and grains, the second consists of vegetables, the third for fruit, room for protein and fat for milk fifth and sixth in oils and sweets. This group is restricted and it ranks last in the list.

What are the foods we should avoid?

Simple carbohydrates such as honey, jams, jellies and candy are the fastest rise in blood glucose, therefore its use should be avoided. Complex carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables must know how to balance them.

"Should be deleted industrialized flour foods, avoid pizzas, pasta, cakes and pies so they do not alter the level of glucose in the body. Starches are much more dangerous than other sugars and are found mainly in vegetables and foods like pasta and bread. "Says a specialist.

Most nutritionists advise diabetics to prioritize the consumption of fish versus meat. Fish that recommend including the first will be those with lower fat.

The meat must be cooked on the grill or grill. The role of meat in the kitchen of diabetes has him chicken breast being the most suitable for the patient menu.

Thereby, they should limit animal fats or saturated fats. Furthermore, minimizing the consumption of fried foods.


Fruits like grapes, kiwi, banana and plum should be avoided. "Do not abuse a lot of acidic fruits, remember that moderation can consume almost anything," says a nutritionist.

You have to try the fruits that we consume contain large amounts of water. Recommended: m anzanas, pears, watermelons.


Alcoholic beverages with high sugar, beer, sweet wines, spirits and cider should be avoided. The low sugar content, such as whiskey can be taken in moderation and always with meals, since alcohol can lower blood glucose levels and cause hypoglycaemia, which is dangerous.

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