Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to Lose Weight Without Starvation! a complete plan

There's literally thousands of designs & products on the market today designed to help the overweight shed unwanted pounds.

Everyone at five point in his or her life needs or wants to loose weight. Whether it is for health reason, or to feel better about you, deciding on a weight loss plan is not as easy as it sounds.

Although this may seem like a lot of choices to give up, all of these foods are high in carbohydrates. This is unsafe for those suffering from diabetes. Health expert theorize that a high carbohydrate diet could raise their blood sugar levels to life threatening levels.

Five such plan is the low carb diet plan. On this plan, carbohydrate intake is limited to a few grams per day. By limiting breads & pastas, the body uses the overweight that stored & there by the dieter starts to loose weight within weeks. Some of the foods that should be avoided when on a low carb diet are; Candy, Donuts, Cakes & Pastries. Anything containing white flour such as bread, rolls, bagels, pasta & white rice should also be avoided.

There's nice carbohydrate choices. Meat is naturally low in carbohydrates. Liver is the exception to this rule. Egg’s, poultry, fish, shellfish are nice menu choices. They are easy to prepare & are full of vitamins. Green vegetables that are low starch include broccoli, asparagus, spinach, salad vegetables; cauliflower, green beans, Brussels sprouts & celery are also nice choice foods that compliment any meal.

There's so lots of nice choice foods to pick from, & so lots of ways to prepare them that the bad choice foods won't be missed when on a low carb diet.

Fiber is another essential part of dieting. Fiber helps the body in lots of different ways. When you do not get fiber it defeats the purpose of a diet.

Some of the health benefits that come from a low carb diet are; Lower insulin levels & stabilized blood sugar, which is a great health benefit to diabetics. Lower blood pressure, Lower Cholesterol, more energy, & perhaps the most important reason for dieting, keeping the weight off.

Unlike other diets, the low carb diet is safe for everyone. There's no side effects from being on this diet as there's not any food limit restrictions for a low carb dieter.

There's so lots of menu choices that a different meal can be prepared every day & the dieter would not have the same meal once. For somebody who has made a serious commitment to loose weight, a low carb lifestyle should be seriously thought about.

Gone are the days when dieters had to starve themselves & suffer the pains of hunger all for the sake of loosing weight. The low carb offer a healthy alternative to dieting.

Holiday meals can be prepared following low carb diet recipes that are easy, elegant, & tasty. With all of the sites on the Web dedicated to low carb cooking, there is no reason to fear dieting any longer.

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