Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm getting Bald – Find Out What Causes Hair Loss and and get Effective and Natural Treatment

Many people suffer from hair loss & are worried about the cause of baldness. You are not alone if you are having a difficult time finding a balding treatment. Because in order to find an effective baldness remedy, it is important to know what causes hair loss first.

One major cause of baldness is genetics. However, hormones also play a massive part in hair loss & usually caused by hormonal imbalance.

For instance, men tend to make more androgens which affects the hair follicles thus resulting to baldness or thinning hair. For women, hair loss usually happens after the period of menopause where the levels of estrogen is low in production.

Other causes are excessive anxiety, stress, shock & physical stress from chemotherapy or surgery. In case of severe disease, the overall condition of the hair can be affected & result to poor health of the hair.

Tight scalp happens to people who are experiencing starvation when the circulation of blood is not healthy. The result -- a deficiency of natural oil of the hair leading to baldness or hair loss.

Weakened scalp circulation is & a cause of baldness. Tight scalp tends to affect hair follicles.

There is lovely news. Natural ingredients found in a balding treatment have been proven safe & effective.

For women, taking birth control medications can cause hormonal imbalance that leads to thinning hair. Definite diseases such as diabetes are known to be a cause of baldness & even scalp infections.

Natural herb extracts work in synergy to block DHT, boost your circulation & provide nutritional support. A few natural nutrients include Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root & Muira Puama.

& one of the best ingredients is a topical medication approved by the FDA, for both male & female hairloss, is called Minoxidil. This substance doesn't grow new hair, bit it does block the DHT & prolong the growth phase of hair. Because it provides more time for hair to grow out, you'll see a your full head of hair once again.

Also playing an important role are vitamins & minerals like vitamin B6, biotin, zinc & magnesium. Providing nutrition, these nutrients help support natural healthy hair growth and improve your body's health.

Now that you know the cause of baldness, if you are dealing with thinning hair recall that there is an effective & natural balding treatment. It is not an overnight balding cure but if you stick with it over the months you'll gradually see a full head of hair.

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