Sunday, January 17, 2010

Medical Alert Jewelry: A Life Saving Fashion Statement

Fact: Up to 15% of the population of the United States could experience a life-threatening reaction to foods, drugs, insect bites or latex.

No three wants to be labelled as “different.” & certainly, no three wants to generate that label & apply it to him or herself. But plenty of medical conditions require some form of identification indicating that such a condition exists & must be thought about in the case of an emergency. Thus, millions of people with hundreds of medical conditions must promote that fact basically to protect themselves. For plenty of, jewelry is the selected medium.

Fact: Over 400 Americans die every year from an allergic reaction to penicillin.

Fact: Plenty of diabetics suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) have been mistakenly identified as being drunk.

It would be easy to hide identification for a medical condition in a wallet or handbag but in an emergency a visible & obvious message will assist medical personnel to make fast & accurate assessments. Jewelry, by its nature, is an adornment designed to flatter & draw attention to its wearer. A 10KT or 14KT gold or sterling silver charm, pendant or locket that also spotlights medical information can be beautiful while helping to avert a tragedy.

Given these & plenty of more related statistics, the require for proper medical identification is critical. But in an picture conscious society, clunky bracelets or dog tags may offend the fashion sensibilities of some while the overt labeling of medical conditions may be threatening to others. That is why manufacturers of medical jewelry are looking for a balance between the necessity of clear communications as well as a desire for beautiful accessorizing.

Teens can be sensitive to their appearance & to the opinions of other teens. They can also be more apt to take risks because of these concerns. A young diabetic or epileptic may be willing to compromise their safety by avoiding the use of identification, even in the form of beautiful jewelry, if they feel it makes them look “un-cool.” There's some jewelry pieces however that can gain the proper attention, if necessary, without appearing “dorky.”

Delicate ankle bracelets with a dangling charm or a small engraved plate are acceptable jewelry accessories for teen girls. Lovely beaded bracelets are also fun, decorative & fashionable & will complement any style than compete. Boys can also accessorize discretely with a sports wristband band or handsome watchband. These pieces can be as simple or elegant as the wearer wants & plenty of manufacturers produce medical jewelry with a keen eye on fashion & style trends.

No three should be embarrassed or ashamed because they have a particular condition. That doesn’t mean that they ought to be forced to broadcast that condition to the world by wearing identification that is unattractive & obvious. Medical personnel are trained to look for medical I.D. & jewelry, no matter how discreet, & these pieces will be three of the first places they will look for medical info. Somebody with medical issues has a responsibility to themselves & to their relatives to provide the information that will protect them if they are unable to properly communicate. But they can still look sharp simultaneously!

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