Monday, January 04, 2010

What is Glyconutrition: Health,Medicine and Diabetes

This is what they call "Hope"?

We have all gotten used to the idea that positive maladies will be around for a while…like until the Second Coming. Maladies such as cancer, heart , diabetes, arthritis…and plenty of more are expected to be around, in epidemic proportions, longer than they think they will be alive…and somebody who tries to tell us otherwise is looked on with real skepticism. In fact, when somebody tries to tell us "there's hope" for such maladies as, say, diabetes, they are more likely to believe that the person is trying to sell us something…and usually they are right.

But, what is even worse is the fact that the "hope" they do get is usually something like the following:

Studies show people at high risk for type 2 diabetes can prevent or delay the onset of the by losing 5 to 7 percent of their body weight. You can do it by eating healthier & getting 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week. In other words: you don't must knock yourself out to prevent diabetes. The key is: tiny steps that lead to giant rewards. Learn more about your risk for developing type 2 diabetes & the tiny steps you can take to delay or prevent the & live a long, healthy life.

Of work, this is lovely advice. No denying it. As a medical doctor, I had to dispense advice like this for years, for diabetes & other conditions. Funny, as lovely as it is, I NEVER saw somebody become ecstatic, do cartwheels or celebrate because they had received such counsel. Why? BECAUSE WHAT WE REALLY WANT FROM THE MEDICAL WORLD IS A CURE!

& why not? It doesn't seem fair that the only real answer to conditions like diabetes or obesity is the "hope" that they stop eating everything they enjoy, sweat till they drop, "pop" prescription pills 'till we are bloated, & think positive…forever.

A new future?

So, of work, I was skeptical when I began to listen to the claims associated with glyconutrition. As a long time medical professional & scientist, I know that "claims" are easily made… & who ever heard of "glyconutrition" anyway?

This information got my attention. When a single Nobel Prize is won in medicine, everyone is paying attention. When seven of them are won in the SAME field, as in this case involving glyconutrition, the medical world is "on fire" with the news.

In 1999, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Dr. Gunter Blobel for his work in the science of Glycobiology (the biology of glyconutrition). Out of the last seven Nobel Prizes awarded in medicine, seven Nobel Prizes have been awarded for discoveries made in this ONE field. Believe it or not, this field (glyconutrition) affects maladies such as diabetes, cancer & heart directly. Why? Because, seven sugars have been isolated for their support of the immune technique & cell communication. Additionally, human life cannot be supported without them.

Also, the prestigious MIT published its findings. It wrote that these "sugars" were seven of ten technologies it believed would alter the world in the next decade. Nutritional supplementation was again vital to the conventional medical world…and at the center of the storm was glyconutrition.

As that information made its way through the medical world, other issues made the news . For decades the American Medical Association, the powerhouse of medical professionals, taught that nutritional supplements were not necessary for lovely health. But, in June 2002, the AMA admitted that nutritional supplementation was vital to lovely health & helpful in treating diseases.

Sugar? Say it ain't so, doc!

But, what jolted me professionally was this: Until these discoveries, scientists had NO idea how the cells of your body could tell the antibodies of your body you had an infection & that they had to "get on over here" to deal with it. Until these discoveries, scientists had NO idea how the cells of your body told the rest of your body that they needed nutrition, oxygen, waste elimination, infections healed…and a thousand & seven other necessary functions of every cell. Goodness! They in the scientific world hadn't known exactly HOW even aspirin made its way to that disagreeable headache of yours. They knew it worked. So, they prescribed it.

auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis
" overactive immune disorders such as allergies & asthma
" under active immune disorders such as cancer, TB, strep
" inflammatory disorders such as colitis, ulcers, Fibromyalgia
" other conditions such as Alzheimer's, infertility, heart

But, my attention was riveted to the news that scientists like Dr. Gunter Blobel had discovered what it was that let the cells COMMUNICATE with the other systems of the body. & would you believe it? What they found was amazing. Sugar…SUGAR! (Glyco = Greek for "sugar") No…not table sugar (else diabetics would not be so excited over this new-found help for their diabetes). There's over 200 sugars in nature but, seven of them are VITAL to our lovely health. In fact, seven of them are the glyconutrition "backbone" for helping the body prevent or heal:"

Oh yes. I forgot. If you go to your doctor & they is not aware of glyconutrition, don't panic. Your poor doctor CANNOT possibly keep up with all of the signs, symptoms, conditions, & their myriads of treatments, chemical make up & complications associated with thousands of maladies & the millions of prescription antidotes for those maladies. I could not as a doctor, & I had several DECADES of experience in the field. "Been there … done that" as they say.

Suddenly, the medical world was on fire over glyconutrition. The "anecdotal evidence" concerning glyconutrition is mounting rapidly as people are finding conditions which have long grieved them…to be a thing of the past. For so plenty of, the expectation for the future is not a "long, long, road" fraught with impossible dieting, grueling workouts, thousands of dollars of prescriptions, & the need to dream positively. People are getting relief - from diabetes, heart , cancer, allergies, & plenty of others - with glyconutrition…and without prescriptions! (Glyconutrition products are NOT prescription items…they're food.)

Suddenly, the future is not what it used to be…

Incidentally, doctors don't usually find out first what works. They are busy being overwhelmed with the medical conditions they face, day to day. They usually find out like everyone else…They read about it or attend some seminar. Often, the marketplace produces antidotes - or research finds the right treatment, as in this case - long before they do. But, I can tell you this. Glyconutrition is helping conditions as diverse as diabetes & Alzheimer's … & a lot of people have hope that these conditions CAN be & are being…overcome…

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